Nick Grant




A scene we all hope we never find ourselves in: being stuck in the desert to the point where we start hallucinating. This was the experience captured in MIRAGE, a VR experience using 360° video. We also used audio anchors, so whenever looking at a water pool, a different water ...
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Virtual Reality Project

For my third week in animation, I collaborated with Tundi to create a virtual reality experience. Storyboarding We first began by storyboarding. We desired to create a VR experience in which the setting is a 360 video. The user views objects, which activates them to perform interesting actions. In order ...
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After Effects Animation Project

Link to the video: For the after effects animation project, I worked with Rae and Tito. Together we created a 360 video of a party with dinosaurs. Odd angle Filming with the 360 camera We began by checking out an ER camera. For some reason, the top of the ...
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First Assignment: Loop-D-Loop

Link to the video: For my first assignment in Animation, I created a 30-second video with Lanni. Throughout the process, I learned a great deal about storytelling and stop motion animation. Our idea is based on one of my previous projects. For my third week in computational media, I ...
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