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Cursed Face Mask Advertisement

I created a cursed face mask advertisement, which is inspired by my thesis. The video emphasizes the unusual commodification of face masks during the pandemic. I first started by creating a dataset with Runway ML and employing StyleGAN2 for portraits. For my data set, I utilized my 100 days of face masks ( Since some

Group Brainstorm World

For this week, I created a world in which a robot baptism takes place. I sought to create a lot of hills, heavy fog, and a pool of water. For the atmosphere, I desired a creepy tone. I constructed a steel church and added other architecture. The modern objects contrast with the natural environment.

Accessibility Case Study: Pokémon GO

Problem Statement People like visually impaired users have difficulty with basic Pokémon GO functionality, such as utilizing the visual map, capturing Pokémon, and reading information. This can be resolved by adding text-to-speech functionality, lists of locations with distances, greater audio cues, and a voice command system. We know we’re right when the American Foundation for