Introduction to Computational Media

Introduction to Computational Media Final

Link to my sketch: Link to my code on Github: For my computational media final, I created a visual representation of five pages from I Remember by Joe Brainard. I had this idea… Read More »Introduction to Computational Media Final

Week 4: Repetition with Variation

For this week in computational media, I created a non-interactive sketch that implements for loops. Link to my sketch: Code on Github: I started small with squares and ellipses that change color each… Read More »Week 4: Repetition with Variation

Week 3: Conditionals

For my third week in ICM, I created a rule-based animation that incorporates motion, interaction, and a user interface element. Link to the sketch: Link to the code: My partner Zach and I… Read More »Week 3: Conditionals

Week 1

Link: I am excited to experiment with p5.js! I am not familiar with computation, but I seek to apply the skills that I will acquire to my political projects. In undergrad, I majored in… Read More »Week 1