Covered by SAGE: Broken Link

Covered by SAGE is an insurance company that provides home and auto coverage. Insurance agents send forms to their clients via text message.

Of course, links don’t always work. Perhaps the system is down. Or the code expired. When writing the microcopy for this error page, I focused on being both delightful and helpful. In this moment, SAGE needs to make the user feel assured while offering a way out.

Sample from Tone and Style Guide

I developed a tone and style guide by interviewing various stakeholders. This includes the business development, engineering, product design, and marketing teams.

We found the tone of Covered by SAGE to be light. While insurance is a serious topic, we empower the user with both empathy and humor.

Initial Screens

  • The term “invalid” is too technical. I replaced this phrase with “Oh no, a broken link!” that matches the visual image
  • The sub-header in the second version is shorter
  • I advocated for a call-to-action button that allows the user to receive a new link

Final Version

  • In the final version, I replaced “Oh no” with “Psst.” The latter is more unique and comical
  • The call-to-action button is moved above so that the user may quickly request a new link
  • I removed the sub-header, which did not add any value
  • The small text is a darker shade of grey to improve accessibility
  • The design team brainstormed to add the agent’s information. Since the agent is reaching out to the user, this is an opportunity to develop a personal connection!
  • The copy introducing the agent is casual so that the user is not overwhelmed


When agents asked clients about the product, they reported that the tone is both helpful and inviting. While an error page is the worst pain point for users, this message differentiates the brand and offers positivity.