Nick Grant



Spin Art Machine

Demonstration I created a spin art machine out of tossed cardboard that children painted on. I question how waste may be repurposed through the use of simple utilitarian designs. In my meditative device, the user is able to create unique artwork by applying different levels of pressure. Construction ...
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Week 6: Motors

For my sixth week in Introduction to Fabrication, I created a playful spin art machine. I desired to create a kiddish enclosure that contained all of the materials to draw fun art. My circuit Testing the circuit I purchased a 40x40x10 5V 2 Pin fan and a 4.5V battery holder ...
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Week 5: Materials and Fasteners

For this week in Introduction to Fabrication, I created a hat with my logo. I desired to create something colorful and comical. Materials I first began by gathering my material. I ordered gold bullet cone spike and stud metal screws, a plain blue polyester hat, 2.0mm black brown leather, and ...
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Week 4: Enclosures

For this week in Introduction to Fabrication, I went with my plan B and created an enclosure out of a salt shaker. My grandma's box Last weekend, I went home and visited my grandma. She has a box that is over 40 years old and from the Soviet Union. I ...
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Week 3: Laser Cutter

For this week in Introduction to Fabrication, I laser cut a gift for my mom. Her birthday is this Saturday. I created coasters in the shape of puzzle pieces. Scrap wood I visited the Makerspace to buy wood. Unfortunately they were out, but I found some spare wood in their ...
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Week 2: Repeatability

For my second week in Introduction to Fabrication, I desired to create five coasters. After moving to NYC, I really needed them. They are a great project to show to my guests. Poplar wood I bought poplar wood from Midtown Lumber in Manhattan. The wood was eight inches high. All ...
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Introduction to Fabrication: Flashlight

For my first week in Introduction to Fabrication, I created a flashlight out of an Altoids case. Throughout the process, I learned a great deal about the shop and the fabrication process. Altoids flashlight I chose an Altoids case because the wires are hidden well. I'm happy with the end ...
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