Brief: “Swirling Fluids” is an educational exhibit that explains the mechanics of fluid dynamics that are invisible to the naked eye. The project is based on the research of Leif Ristroph who is a Professor of Mathematics in the NYU Courant Institue. Please visit here.

Exhibit: p5.js 2020 Showcase

Team members: Nick Grant, Zach Kobrinsky, Name Atcahree, Monni Qian, Sid Chou

Role: Developer, designer, content writer

Process: My team met with Leif Ristroph to discuss fluid dynamics. I recorded and transcribed the information with the subject matter expert. Then, I distilled the complex scientific information into a simple guide that is easy to understand. Throughout the process, I developed multiple drafts.

The content is accompanied with interactive media, such as my team member’s experiences made with shaders and processing. I developed a cup that showcases hydrodynamics and aerodynamics.

Inside Starry Night

As part of the project, I produced an augmented reality application based on “The Starry Night” by Vincent Van Gogh. In the application, users are able to create paint strokes inside the iconic painting that demonstrates turbulent fluid dynamics.