Nick Grant


Virtual Production Development

Virtual Production Development: Creating Avatars

I created a robot actor for my robot baptism scene. I experienced some difficulty creating a robot character in MakeHuman. I searched for keywords in the community, such as metal, robot, technology, and steel without much luck. I did, however, find the ability to turn my target into a robot ...
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Group Brainstorm World

For this week, I created a world in which a robot baptism takes place. I sought to create a lot of hills, heavy fog, and a pool of water. For the atmosphere, I desired a creepy tone. I constructed a steel church and added other architecture. The modern objects contrast ...
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Assignment: Week One

I completed the introducing Unreal Engine, Your First Hour with Unreal Engine, and the Comprehending Projects and File Structures tutorials. For the tutorials, I created projects and followed along. In the Introducing Unreal Engine tutorial, I learned the different components of Unreal Engine. I learned about geometry, blueprints, and textures ...
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