Nick Grant


Visual Language

Week 5: Logo

My logo For my fifth week in Visual Language, I created a logo for my name. I first began with writing down the attributes that I would describe myself with. My attributes I noticed that on one hand I am very organized and minimalist, but on the other hand I ...
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Week 4: Composition

I designed a poster for the 2019 ITP Winter Show. I immediately knew what kind of story I wanted to tell about the program. My favorite part of ITP is the range of the backgrounds of the students. I am always amazed when I ask students about their paths that ...
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Week 3: Color

For this week in visual language, I created six square compositions from five colors that represent me. I chose the colors from my laptop wallpaper, which is an album cover from one of my favorite jazz artists Nujabes. Additionally, one of my favorite shirts has a similar color pattern. I ...
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Week 2: Typography and Expression

I redesigned an airline ticket by Delta. Existing Design New Design To redesign the ticket, I first grouped the information together. For example, the departure and boarding time are on the same line. Additionally, the origin and destination are on the same line. I aligned the type boxes on a ...
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Week 1: Poster Analysis

Grid System The grid system for the "Taxi Driver" poster is highly organized. Vertically there are four lines and horizontally there are six. The sign on the left and the parking meter on the right are equidistant from the borders of the poster. The main character's head is in the ...
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