My story is about a group of aliens that investigate the Amazon rainforest in order to prevent climate change. They arrive on a spaceship, which breaks soon afterwards. Additionally, the aliens’ most essential technology begins to disappear. The next day, the aliens find a group of humans who they befriend. The humans give the aliens flowers, which are secretly poisoned. The next day, most of the aliens are dead. The aliens begin to fight with the humans, believing that they are murderers. The humans defeat the aliens, but one alien escapes. A shot shows that the alien carried poisoned and in fact killed his own crew.

The film begins with a shot of the Earth from afar. The aliens are near.

A few shots tour the spaceship that the aliens are piloting. They discuss climate change that is occurring on Earth, perhaps with subtitles.

The aliens are very colorful and eerie. They contain dangerous weapons. Still, the aliens are attempting to save Earth from climate change. They are not evil.

The aliens tour a beautiful rainforest with unique lighting. Eventually, the aliens encounter the humans.

The aliens receive poisoned plants and blame the humans, when in fact one of the aliens sabotaged the whole crew.

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