I completed the introducing Unreal Engine, Your First Hour with Unreal Engine, and the Comprehending Projects and File Structures tutorials. For the tutorials, I created projects and followed along.

In the Introducing Unreal Engine tutorial, I learned the different components of Unreal Engine. I learned about geometry, blueprints, and textures in my scene. Furthermore, I learned about the different modes and panels. Since I have some experience with Unity, I did not find the interface to be highly challenging to navigate. The blueprint system will be a learning curve though.

The Your First Hour with Unreal Engine course was really exciting. I liked creating actors and learning how to migrate content from different projects. I am surprised by how powerful rotating the directional light is on the atmosphere of the scene.

I developed the projects at NYU ITP on a departmental computer. On Saturday I will have a laptop that is capable of running Unreal Engine.

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