Covered by SAGE: Broken Link

Covered by SAGE: Broken Link Covered by SAGE is an insurance company that provides home and auto coverage. Insurance agents send forms to their clients via text message. Of course, links don’t always work. Perhaps the system is down. Or the code expired. When writing the microcopy for this error page, I focused on being […] allows people to send money to others through a secure online portal. The app is commonly used for purchasing gifts. To begin, users must create a account with an email address and then link a credit card or bank account. I redesigned the flow that occurs when a user verifies his/her identity […]

Swirling Fluids Website

Swirling Fluids Exhibit “Swirling Fluids” is an educational exhibit that explains the mechanicsof fluid dynamics that are invisible to the naked eye. The project isbased on the research of Leif Ristroph who is a Professor of Mathematicsin the NYU Courant Institue. Please visit here. As a content strategist, I wrote all the copy on the […]

Unmaking Emotions in the Era of Masks

Unmasking Emotions in the Era of Masks Abtract We have lived behind masks for over a year now. Basic casual human interactions have been lost. We must not only be socially distanced in the physical world, but also in the psychological. Masks have made us feel isolated and alienated. I wanted to de-mask the mask. […]

Death Is Imminent, but Let’s Have Fun!

Death is Imminent, but Let’s Have Fun! In this four-player communication-based game, teams must work together in order to fix a defective spaceship and escape from an apocalyptic world. Team: Nicholas Grant, Paulami Roychoudhury, Mingxi Xu, Tito Rachman Role: Designer, Prototyper, Scriptwriter Exhibit: ITP Fall Show 2019 Tools: Arduino, p5.js The project contains four steps: […]

Dear Journal

My project “Dear Journal” began with a large question. Can a computer recreate my personality and memories based on my journal entries? To answer my question, I created a computational poem from my journal entries with Python and Markov chains in a Jupyter Notebook. For the predictive text piece, I transcribed my journal entries around […]

Festi Data Privacy Pop-Up Notification

Festi Data Privacy Pop-Up Notification Problem Festi is a social reservation system application in which users can create group reservations and split the costs together. How do we cultivate greater trust between users and the application? Insight A study from KMPG found that nearly all U.S. consumers (97%) report that data privacy is a concern. […]

Ideamix Entrepreneur Program Form

Problem The Ideamix is a startup company that helps aspiring entrepreneurs flesh out their ideas with workshops. How do we target students by developing a network for them to connect with each other? Insight According to a study by GoDaddy, nearly one in three millennials (30 percent) said they have some type of small business […]

Adaptive Force Game Controller

Adaptive Force Controller The Problem Our client is an avid video game player who desires an accessible Xbox controller. The controller must have wide spacing and buttons on each side due to the client’s limited arm mobility. Additionally, our client desired to share out findings for the greater accessibility community. The Goal Satisfy our client’s […]

Microsoft VSC: Live Share Guide

Visual Studio Code Live Share Onboarding Guide Team members: Nick Grant, Amy Hu, Ellen Shiu, Muhan Guo Role: UX Writer, UX Researcher. Duration: 6 weeks In Spring 2020, Microsoft partnered with New York University to optimizethe UX of Visual Studio Code for new programmers. Microsoft asked us the following questions: How can we simplify the […]