The Adventures of Steve McQueen

Background For my course “Live Image Processing and Performance,” my class focused on streaming software as an art form when classes went remote. I enrolled in the course with an interest in exploring the negativity of social media and internet culture in a performative environment. I found that the restructured format pushed me to express […]

LIPP Midterm

For my live image processing midterm, I created numerous skits that were streamed on Twitch. The performance is inspired by “The Boy Who Cried Wolf,” which is one of Aesop’s Fables from ancient Greece. My performance sought to showcase the toxic environment of social media. The viewers witnessed Steve McQueen construct lies to the public […]

Live Image Processing and Performance Midterm

Nailah, Cy, and I plan to create a rendition of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” that expores the hyperactivity of social media. The story is one of Aesop’s Fables from ancient Greece. In the original story, a young shepherd tricks his fellow villagers by shouting for help and pretending that wolves were attacking his sheep. […]

The Swamp Chronicles

For my first performance, I downloaded about 150 clips from my Snapchat archive. They document my college experience and transition into adulthood. With each bang, a new clip appears. In text editor, I provide context for the clip and utilize the text to speech function as I move on the next one. I am interested […]

Week 3: First Performance Update

I updated my video playback system a great deal this week. I experimented with a lot of different forms and fleshed out a concept for my first performance. I first began by experimenting with jit.rota. Jit.rota allows me to scale and rotate my window. I am able to change the zoom, angle, offset, and anchor […]

Start building video playback system

For this week in Live Image Processing and Performance, I began creating my first video playback system. For my first versions, I followed the tutorials that Matt Romein instructed online. I also watched Programming for People. I understand objects, messages, toggles, buttons, numbers, data types, and the order of operations. I still struggle, however, to […]

Week 1: Footage

For my first week in Live Image Processing and Performance, I shot footage over a span of three days. In total, I shot 30 clips. They are highly serendipitous. I attempted to convey different lighting and texture based on contrasting environments. My house is next to a park and a pier. My clips are either […]