President Portraits Quiz

President Portraits Quiz Gain points by clicking the correct portrait and level up! Check out the time period sections, read the extensive list, and check out the special augmented reality gallery to learn more. Tools: SwiftUI, Reality Composer The app is available for download on the App Store. Features Do you know the names of […]

President Portraits Quiz Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Nicholas Grant built the President Portraits Quiz app as a Free app. This SERVICE is provided by Nicholas Grant at no cost and is intended for use as is. This page is used to inform visitors regarding my policies with the collection, use, and disclosure of Personal Information if anyone decided to use […]

Mobile Lab: User Testing

User Feedback:Create a separate info page rather than combining that with the presidents information list (I implemented this change)The font of the alerts and presidents list does not match the font of the game portionSome presidents descriptions are too longFont hard to readAR gallery is creepyCorrect and wrong sound effects in the game sectionEarly, Middle, […]

Mobile Lab: Prototype

For this week in Mobile Lab, I continued with my presidents app. I created a rough prototype, but I have a few bugs. I altered my navigation in order to make room for the AR component. The presidents are split into three time periods rather than four. They consist of Early, Middle, and Late. I […]

Presidents Final Update

For my final, I considered the possibilities and limitations of augmented reality. I decided that I would prefer not to create an AR game in which the user guesses the correct president. I believe that my midterm app contains an adequate game structure and mixing that component with AR will not add a great deal […]

Guess the President: Augmented Reality Edition

For my final in mobile lab, I am continuing with my presidents trivia app. I would like to learn more about Reality Composer and create a fun interactive game. Currently I’m stuck with how I should proceed. Initially, I imagined adding an AR component to my midterm. I envisioned the last tab bar sending the […]

Reality Composer Augmented Reality Prototypes

For this week in Mobile Lab, I created three augmented reality prototypes using Reality Composer. I designed the app concepts for the health, entertainment, and education areas. For the first prototype, I experimented with image scanning. I envision a face mask that activates information when scanned. The information may include current COVID-19 statistics and the […]


For the midterm, I updated one of my previous apps. The user may choose one of five time periods. The first four time periods contain about eleven presidents. A correct answer is 30 points. An incorrect answer is 15 points. The level increases every 300 points. The correct answer will always contain a spin animation. […]

Midterm Proposal

For my midterm, I wanted to expand on a previous app that I created. In my “Guess the President” app, the user clicks on portraits that are either correct or incorrect. After the game is complete, the user’s score is shown and then the user may play again. In my expanded version, I would like […]