See-No-Evil Monkey

For this week’s assignment, I created a visualizer and controller. The buttons are connected to a poem about ten monkeys, the slider is connected to the size of the monkey, and the toggle shows/hides the monkey’s eyes. Link to code on Github:

Guess the President Game

I created a “Guess the President” game. Users click one out of 45 political presidents. They are alerted as to whether or not their pick is correct. The game lasts ten rounds. When the game is finished, the user’s score is shown and they are asked to play again. Design and inspiration I designed the […]

Timer App

I created a timer application in which coins represent numbers. The large coins represent minutes while the smaller coins represent seconds. I implemented a play and reset button. When a coin is pressed, the value is stored in a timeRemaining variable. This variable represents the duration of the circular progress bar. While I feel comfortable […]

Interactive Poster

For my second week in mobile lab, I developed an interactive poster for Jaws. When the swimmer is pressed, the swimmer disappears. When the shark is pressed, the shark eats the swimmer. I used a color gradient for the background. The sky is a white rectangle. Additionally, I imported a custom font from the movie […]

Week 1: Haiku Poem

For my first week in mobile lab, I created a visual representation of a famous haiku. “Lighting One Candle” by Yosa Buson The light of a candle Is transferred to another candle— Spring twilight I wrote poetry in undergrad and desired to create a visual representation of my interests in the one button app. In […]