Final Project Proposal + 3D Art

For my final project, I want to create a cursed virtual production. In Unreal Engine, I create cinematics. I desire a project that reflects the connection between liminal space and time. I am creating a visual representation of a poem that I created called Dear Journal. The poem, generated with Markov chains in Python, is […]

Making with Machine Learning

I turned photos into cartoons with a neural network by using Cartoonify. For the image, I chose the memes that I created last week based on my old Instagram pictures. I found the results from my experiment to be really fascinating. The first image is quite accurate with me holding a pumpkin and having a […]

Instagram Memes

Last week, I deleted my Instagram. I found that the social media platform negatively affected my mental health. The decision ended up being very challenging. As a farewell to my account, I created memes from my old pictures. In the prompts, I am overtly obnoxious. I hope that my images are comical, but also highlight […]


I attempted to create cute art with Artbreeder. I was inspired by my previous studies. In undergrad, I minored in English with a focus on fairy tales. I was surprised to learn about how dark the original stories were. Originally, the audience consisted of both adults and children. The stories were passed down through generations […]

Cursed Face Mask Advertisement

I created a cursed face mask advertisement, which is inspired by my thesis. The video emphasizes the unusual commodification of face masks during the pandemic. I first started by creating a dataset with Runway ML and employing StyleGAN2 for portraits. For my data set, I utilized my 100 days of face masks ( Since some […]

Week 2: Divination

For this week, I decided to fabricate an object for my project. For my thesis, I am exploring face masks and emotional communication. My thesis is inspired by me previous experiences in theatre. To begin, I started a 100 days of face masks challenge: Each day I created a new face mask in order […]

Cursed Mood Board

For my cursed mood board, I created an application with SwiftUI. I chose this format because my images are from another app Snapchat. I thought that retaining the same mobile platform may be interesting. I picked the creepiest and most unusual content that I could find in my Snapchat Memories, which stores all of the […]