Blurred Memories

Blurred Memories I downloaded all of my Snapchat memories from my phone from September 2016 to March 2020. Snapchat memories are images that the user saves, which is stored for eternity. My dataset consisted of about 1300 images. Then, I created a model with StyleGAN in Runway ML and printed the output. My memories generated […]

Sound Art Listening: Prototype

Sound Art Listening: Prototype Snapchat video clips from live concerts, family events, and street performance art. The mixing effect is apparent. Video appears. Generated from RunwayML. Should the text be a memorial service?

Mixing Sound Piece

For Sound Art: Listening, I created a representation of mixing from Sonic Experience. For the exercise, I took videos of me going to the grocery store and visiting a nearby park. Then, I added the video to different monitors in augmented reality to construct an immersive experience. Mixing is “a compenetration of different and simultaneous […]

First Sound Work

For my sound work that is experienced without hearing, I generated text in python. I am interested in the ways in which the brain remembers how to pronounce words based on meter and rhythm. By rewriting text with rhymes, I noticed that the new sounds for pronunciation conflicted greatly with my previous memories. Yet I […]