The Pandemic-Fueled Rise of Virtual Reality

Did the outbreak of the coronavirus reinvigorate the virtual reality industry? How may computer-generated simulations combat issues that stem from social distancing? You scan the dimly lit dive bar. The brick walls, neon clicking bottles of beer, and old-school posters encapsulate you. A few feet away, a very familiar figure enters the stage. John Legend […]

My Half-Hearted Attempt at Technological Liberation

When you open Instagram or WhatsApp, you might have noticed the “from Facebook” tag on the bottom of your screen. The all-encompassing tech giant dominates our daily interactions with our smartphones, whether we’re are posting vacation pictures or exchanging ideas in workspace group chats. I’ve lost track of the amount of times I check my […]

WebAR: The Future of Augmented Reality

What is the current state of AR? How will innovative WebAR transform personal shopping? Do you remember your first experience with augmented reality? Perhaps you added dog ears to your face with a Snapchat Filter. Or you caught Eevee in Pokémon Go. While the majority of smartphone users are familiar with AR for entertainment purposes, […]

Universities Sputter to Start Up

The coronavirus rocked the world, shattering institutions that have remained unquestioned for decades. With university standards reduced to rubble, students are looking towards Fall 2020 with extreme anxiety and skepticism. How do schools prepare for a second wave? Is the trust between college students and their education permanently broken? The U.S. coronavirus death toll surpasses […]

How to Defeat Zoom Burnout

Why are Zoom meetings so tiring? How do we invigorate ourselves during remote work? The end of the global pandemic is nowhere in sight. Students and workers alike have been thrusted into uncharted telecommuting territory. Gallery view and screen share are household terms, but Zoom meetings are still difficult to master. With a few easy […]

The Power of Mindfulness

Do you believe that you have the power to attract success by changing your mindset? Are you creating every day and reaching your fullest potential? Published in 1910, some of the tenets of The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles are still relevant today. While the descriptions of wealth and opportunity are controversial, […]

Boost Your WFH Productivity Based on Science

With the telecommuting wave as a result of the global pandemic, workers have struggled with staying motivated. How can workers stay productive at home? What life hacks allow you to become more attune with both your surroundings and goals?     Natural light is a free boost We have all experienced eye strain when staring […]

Remote Work: An Escape from City Congestion

As tasks are performed remotely due to the coronavirus outbreak, will the workplace ever be the same again? If workers do not need to commute to their offices in the city, do they still crave urban living? The remote work trial run has begun. Telecommuting trends have dramatically increased over the past decade, but the […]