Computational Media

Introduction to Computational Media Final

Link to my sketch: Link to my code on Github: The book For my computational media final, I created a visual representation of five pages from I Remember by Joe Brainard. I had this idea for quite some time. I studied English in undergrad and dabbled in video ...
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Week 5: Sound as Media

For this week in Computational Media, I created an educational guide about animal sound facts. To develop the guide, I created a large number of functions. Throughout the assignment, I encountered some very challenging coding issues. Link to the correct p5.js sketch: Link to the correct p5.js sketch on ...
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Week 1: Images and Pixels

For my pixel artwork assignment, I created a human to digital converter. Throughout the process, I learned a great deal about pixelation and implementing elements outside of sketch.js. Finished sketch Link to p5.js sketch: Link to code on Github: First draft I first began by simply pixelating my ...
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Week 6: Objects and Arrays

NOTE: My preview does not contain music or moving hands. I am still learning how to embed my p5.js sketches that include downloaded files. Link to the full version of my sketch: Link to the code on Github: For my sixth week in Introduction to Computational Media, I ...
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Week 5: Functions

For this week in ICM, I experimented with using functions to compartmentalize my code in three sketches. I found the process to be a lot of fun! Since I always work with multiple objects in my sketches, creating functions that take parameters and return values opens up a lot of ...
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Week 4: Repetition with Variation

For this week in computational media, I created a non-interactive sketch that implements for loops. Link to my sketch: Code on Github: My first sketch I started small with squares and ellipses that change color each time the sketch is run. In my for loops I created an ...
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Week 3: Conditionals

For my third week in ICM, I created a rule-based animation that incorporates motion, interaction, and a user interface element. The starting screen Link to the sketch: Link to the code: My partner Zach and I created a comical interactive game. The opening screen is a red button ...
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Week 2: Animation, Variables

Link: For the second week of computational media, I created a few elements. The elements are either controlled by a mouse, change over time independently of the mouse, or are different each time the sketch is run. I chose to not create too many variables because I wanted to ...
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Week 1

Link: I am excited to experiment with p5.js! I am not familiar with computation, but I seek to apply the skills that I will acquire to my political projects. In undergrad, I majored in political science with a focus on conflict transformation. I seek to develop interactive technology that ...
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