I created a cursed face mask advertisement, which is inspired by my thesis. The video emphasizes the unusual commodification of face masks during the pandemic. I first started by creating a dataset with Runway ML and employing StyleGAN2 for portraits.

For my data set, I utilized my 100 days of face masks (https://www.instagram.com/100daysoffacemasks). Since some posts have more than one picture, I ended up with 120.

I ended up with an eerie transformative video. The masks consist of highly unusual patterns. Afterwards, I used Runway ML to create a green screen effect. The green color blended into the mask at a certain point, but I actually found this to add more meaning to my project. I combined that clip with an odd coronavirus face mask advertisement, which I found to be cursed on its own. The acting is very peculiar and the masks are overpriced.

Lastly, my version of the advertisement contains unusual audio that increases throughout the video. The audio is from a previous AR project for a face mask in which the user is surrounded by eight computers (https://www.instagram.com/p/CLxbkillD8e). Each computer contains a different news source from April 2020, which creates an overwhelming feeling. I also played with time in order to heighten the tension of the video. Overall I am happy with my assignment. By adding elements from the uncanny valley in my character, I found newfound meaning in my cursed media.

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