For this week in Reading and Writing Electronic Text, I generated text with a Markov chain. The text is written by me. Since I was very little, I’ve written in a journal. I’m on my fourth one now. For me to process events in my life, I need to write them down on paper. In my generator, I chose three journal entries from February 2014 and another three from February 2019. I tried an app that converts written pages to text, but the functionality did not work well. I needed to transcribe them myself.

Analyzing my past journal entries was a really fascinating experience. I never reread them. At the core, my personality did not alter over those five years. I outputted 12 lines with an n-gram of 10. I noticed that if my n-gram was too short, I received too many typos. Meanwhile I did not want to have lines that were too long. While some sentences remained intact, others completely changed. They tended to follow coherent story lines, usually negative. I found this text to be particularly haunting:

At least my hair grows back quickly.

Who knows, maybe moving to New York City is too daunting.

Of course the dentist in Manhattan is not certified for that type of oral surgery.

I’m considering taking half day next year, I literally don’t have that many friends to tell.

I need to develop healthy coping mechanisms.

We can’t afford heat.

My need to be perfect has caused me a lot of time searching, but I’m ready.

I was too close to be getting a B-. It’s not a coincidence.

I felt at home again.

First, I loved the feeling.

I realized that I’m also the type of person who can plan out my work by doing only small doses in a set length of time.

Lately my academics have made me uneasy.

Since the beginning of the class, I desired to transform my old journal entries into something meaningful. I hope to continue this concept for the remainder of the semester, but I’m not sure how. Perhaps I should create a piece with tracery that fits the format of a typical journal entry.

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