A rendition of a dinosaur house party in 360° video. Created with Adobe After Effects. Experience with the YouTube app on smartphones!

Team members: Nicholas Grant, Tirta Rachman, Rae Huang

Clips From the Piece

Phase One: Filming

My team desired to create a playful dinosaur house party. We blended 360° video with Adobe After Effects, a technique that is not greatly explored.

We began by checking out a 360° camera from the ITP Equipment Room. We filmed several scenes, some with the lights on and others without. We filmed scenes with both my team inside the living room and us outside. Ultimately we decided to be there without the lights on.

Phase Two: Editing in Adobe After Effects

In Adobe After Effects, we held the command key while moving the dinosaurs with the puppet position pin tool at different spots and precomposed each composition.

We installed the Ricoh Theta App, which is a companion app for the camera. The application exports a file from the camera into a 360° format that is flat for Adobe After Effects. We added the dinosaur compositions to the flat surface and scaled them appropriately. While we could have applied a VR plane to sphere to the dinosaurs, we disliked the bulbous appearance.

My team employed the Adobe Media Encoder to export the video. Even though the minute is only one minute long, the export process took over an hour. The video is in 4K.

Phase Three: Finishing Touches

We noticed that the dinosaurs that appeared too close to the camera appeared distorted. My favorite aspects of the video are the moving objects from when we filmed, such as the lights, television, and ourselves. They blend well with the dancing dinosaurs. To shoot our video, we utilized a lot of props.

My team found that the head of my dinosaur dancing on my desk was cut off. We changed the scale for this dinosaur and placed some of them further in the background.

Additionally, we masked a dinosaur behind my sofa and animated the movement of the pterodactyl with keyframes.