For my final project, I am working with Tito, Paulami, and Mingxi. We are developing a game in which users must coordinate with each other to save a defective spaceship. The spaceship must leave Earth, which is cracking due to climate change. Each user will be in a separate booth, but they must coordinate with each other to save the spaceship. We are currently developing the story, which we separated into the game setup, onboarding, and ending.

Example of the game setup
Example of the ending

Each icon represents a different aspect of the game. The first column represents audio, the second represents the animation on the monitor, the third represents the game, the fourth represents an optional projection, and the final column is the feedback from our team to improve the row.

The booths

The four booths will be positioned perpendicular to each other. Each booth will have a monitor, which contains animation and directions. The users will not be able to see each other’s monitors. Each monitor will contain a direction that another user must follow. The game will be a fully immersive experience. We planned to set up the game in a dark room that contains a smoke machine. Each booth will have LED lights that change color depending on how the user progresses in the game.

System diagram

Each monitor will be connected to a separate Arduino for the serial communication. Although the directions and animations may be created in p5.js, we may opt for a different processor.

List of items

Some of the items we plan to incorporate include pushbuttons, sliding potentiometers, rotating potentiometers, and flip switches. Additionally, the user may have to activate a flex sensor by jumping.

Layout of the console

Each booth will contain a console with a unique layout. In the picture above, there are two pushbuttons, a flip switch, a sliding potentiometer, and wires that must be plugged into the correct holes. The game will be very intense and comical. The users will loudly communicate with each other to save the ship, but we planned to create a game in which there is no winning. The purpose of the game is to prolong the impending death of the users for as long as possible. In the next steps of our project, my group will create paper prototype for the layouts of the consoles. We will user test the layouts in order to develop designs that are both challenging and fun.