For my final in mobile lab, I am continuing with my presidents trivia app. I would like to learn more about Reality Composer and create a fun interactive game. Currently I’m stuck with how I should proceed. Initially, I imagined adding an AR component to my midterm.

I envisioned the last tab bar sending the user to an AR experience in which all of the portraits are present. Since the user is awarded 30 points for picking one of eleven presidents in the first four time periods, the user would be awarded one hundred points for picking the correct president out of 44 portraits. The experience ended up looking too crowded.

Moving forward, should I continue with my original idea and reduce the size of all of the portraits? Should I create a standalone app and only have three AR portraits at a time? Perhaps if there are only three portraits, they can appear on a vertical plane rather than a horizontal one. Additionally, is the last button of the tab bar a bad indicator of the AR experience if I were to continue with my midterm?

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