I created a “Guess the President” game. Users click one out of 45 political presidents. They are alerted as to whether or not their pick is correct. The game lasts ten rounds. When the game is finished, the user’s score is shown and they are asked to play again.

Design and inspiration

I designed the game to have two screens. The inspiration stems from my academic background. In undergrad, I majored in political science in Washington, DC. I used to study in the courtyard in the National Portrait Gallery all the time. At ITP, I am interested in developing educational tools that promote political knowledge.

End result

I found the game to have a really good level of difficulty. I have a bug that I cannot solve. In the end screen after ten rounds, I can either update the final score for the user or reset the game when the “Play Again” button is pressed, but not both. Each piece of information is being passed at the same time, which results in the final score being 0/10. Therefore, if the user chooses to reset the game, the score and rounds are reset in the eleventh round.

Link to the code

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