The Ideamix is a startup company that helps aspiring entrepreneurs flesh out their ideas with workshops. How do we target students by developing a network for them to connect with each other?


According to a study by GoDaddy, nearly one in three millennials (30 percent) said they have some type of small business or side hustle, with 19 percent saying it’s actually their main source of income.


I collaborated with the CEO and marketing team to develop a web page for the Entrepreneur Program. We first began by asking the current interns what information would be most helpful for prospective applicants. We formulated the structure of the page based on their feedback, which consisted of an overall description of the network, reasons to join, responsibilities, and a form to apply.


I created a web page based on our initial concept with Elementor and custom HTML/CSS. The initiative allows students to network with each other, develop their products, and complete tasks to spread brand awareness. The tone of the page is both formal and inviting.