Description: In Inside Starry Night, you have the ability to surround yourself in the famous painting! Watch the curling swirling lines of the hills, mountains, and sparkling sky. The thickly layered brushstrokes and contrasting blue and yellow colors encapsulate you.

Tools: Unity, XCode

Clips from the piece


How can we depict the complexity of invisible fluid dynamics in art and culture? One of the most famous paintings accomplished this challenge in stride.

“The Starry Night” (1889), Vincent Van Gogh, captured one of the most mysterious workings of science. He shed light on turbulent fluids in fluid dynamics, which is a difficult concept to grasp. 

Scientists have studied the luminance in Van Gogh’s painting in detail. Luminance is the intensity of  light in the colors of the canvas. Impressionists represented light in a unique fashion by capturing motion. 

Researchers digitized the painting and measured how brightness varies between any two pixels. They found that the curves measured behave similarly to fluid turbulence. 

During Van Gogh’s intense suffering in a mental asylum, he demonstrated movement with star light that twinkles and melts. With the augmented reality application “Inside Starry Night,” users are placed inside the iconic energetic painting. 

Hold your phone to paint and make the invisible visible.

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This piece is based on a larger project about fluid dynamics.

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