Live Image Processing and Performance

The Adventures of Steve McQueen


For my course “Live Image Processing and Performance,” my class focused on streaming software as an art form when classes went remote. I enrolled in the course with an interest in exploring the negativity of social media and internet culture in a performative environment. I found that the restructured format pushed me to express myself in innovative ways that I never anticipated.

I developed a comical character called Steve McQueen. He is a melancholic young adult who lies on social media in order to become a popular online influencer and acquire validation. When users voted for him in Twitch, he performed viral internet challenges in a fake manner. To learn more, please visit this link or watch below:

Steve McQueen’s Game Show Extravaganza

For my final, my class developed a website known as “LIPP TV.” Streamed simultaneously on the website, Youtube, and Twitch, the broadcast proved to be a highly unique platform to express oneself during the global pandemic. I constructed and performed a reality competition show known as “Steve McQueen’s Game Show Extravaganza.” I spun a wheel and performed challenges at random. With Steve McQueen’s transition from social media to reality television, I sought to explore a few questions:

  • What makes content have a high entertainment value?
  • Are the lines blurring between social media and reality television?
  • How does authenticity lose credence in a networked setting?

The performance on LIPP.TV begins at 01:28:15 and ends at 01:38:18.

Taiwanese Television Shows

For Steve McQueen’s second performance, he was a special guest in a three-part series about learning Mandarin. Steve McQueen was given a life-changing Mandarin name that gave him the power to conquer the Asian market. The show served as a commentary on globalization. How does technology allow viral celebrities to break through physical boundaries? Does international influence equate to power?

The performance on LIPP.TV begins at 01:59:29 and ends at 02:16:47.

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