Filmon and I finalized the idea for our midterm.

Before we desired to have an alphabet on our Ouija Board and have each letter appear on a monitor based on phototransistor activation, but the user may not be able to understand how the system works. Instead, we are going to create a chat bot in which the user moves a planchette to form questions that are answered in p5.js.
Each word corresponds to a phototransistor
List of questions

The user will move the planchette from left to right to form questions. The planchette will be attached to a flashlight that activates each phototransistor. If the user creates a question that is incoherent, the sketch in p5.js will create a comical response such as “I’m dead and even I know that is not a question.” We will create a narrative for the the ghost through the use of the questions and answers.

Schematic diagram. The simplified version represents one digital pin in the Arduino Uno

The phototransistors will be connected to the analog and digital pins of my Arduino Uno. Filmon and I bought cardboard, which will serve as our Ouija board. We will cut out holes in the cardboard to place the phototransistors. The ends of the phototransistors will be soldered to connect to the breadboard underneath. While we understand our circuit, the biggest challenge is getting the string of words to be processed in p5.js. We will create if statements that are activated for all of our strings.