For my midterm, I wanted to expand on a previous app that I created. In my “Guess the President” app, the user clicks on portraits that are either correct or incorrect. After the game is complete, the user’s score is shown and then the user may play again. In my expanded version, I would like to add a “learn” feature. After the user clicks “learn,” he/she may analyze the presidents in chronological order. When the president is clicked, a small biography is shown.

Since there are fifteen rounds and forty-five presidents, I would like each president to appear once. Then, in the learn section, I would show which presidents were correct and incorrect. My main data would be the presidents. When I opened my previous project and created my observable object, I felt really confused about what information to place there. I need to figure out how to have each president appear once and keep track of the correct and incorrect answers while still having each round be random. Additionally, I’m not sure if my data structure is correct.

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