For Sound Art: Listening, I created a representation of mixing from Sonic Experience. For the exercise, I took videos of me going to the grocery store and visiting a nearby park. Then, I added the video to different monitors in augmented reality to construct an immersive experience.

Mixing is “a compenetration of different and simultaneous sound sources. In everyday life, the mixing effect implies close levels of intensity between the diverse sounds present. The effect can be found particularly in spaces of transition that are likely to receive sound ambiences originating in different places. The concurrence of sounds can create indecision; the listener is in a paradoxical situation in which it is difficult to choose what he or she wants to hear. In the context of a musical or cinematographic production, mixing refers to an operation in which all the various instruments, sounds, and noises are mixed together, each attributed a specific intensity, equalization, and effect. Once this intervention is accomplished, the “mixed” sound is placed on a final, generally stereophonic, medium called a master.”

While the viewer is able to see the different clips at once, finding the audio source for each video is confusing. My goal is to create indecision.