For this week in Mobile Lab, I continued with my presidents app. I created a rough prototype, but I have a few bugs.

I altered my navigation in order to make room for the AR component. The presidents are split into three time periods rather than four. They consist of Early, Middle, and Late. I altered the icons for each tab. Since people are less familiar with the older presidents, they receive more points in the earlier time periods. In Early, users receive 50 points. In Middle, they receive 40 points. In Late, they receive 30 points. In All, they receive 30 points.

I question my point system. Should the user receive more points in All since they are guessing 1 out of 44 portraits compared to the other time periods that contain about 14 portraits each? In all of the rounds, the users lose 15 points for guessing an incorrect answer. Perhaps the users should lose more points in the earlier time periods in order to increase the difficulty of the game. I also thought about having the user only receive points in All. Maybe in the three time periods, users may guess the correct portrait without fear of gaining or losing points.

I added several details to my AR component. Above the portraits are name labels. Additionally, there is a short audio clip for each presidents when the portrait is tapped. While the audio did not lead to perform issues, the name tags and filters did. In order of importance, spatial audio is at the top. I may remove the filters. If I have to, the name tags will be removed too.

I created filters for Democrats, Republicans, One Term, Two Terms, and Impeached. They are very buggy. If one of the buttons are clicked at a time, they are normally fine. I noticed that portraits stay floating for One Term. If any button is pressed before a full animation cycle is completed, they all morph together at 0, 0, 0. I’m not sure how to fix this issue. I enjoy prototyping because I can see what parts of my app require the most attention.

As a backup idea, I thought about different tap effects depending on political parties and impeachment. Then, the user will discern the patterns like a detective. I have a couple underlying questions.

On my iPhone 7, the layout looks really bad compared to the iPhone 11 simulator. How do we manage different formats depending on the version of the phone? Furthermore, is there a way in which only one audio can be played at a time for the portraits? For example, users may cut to the immediate audio clip of the portrait that is tapped most recently rather than having them play at once.

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