allows people to send money to others through a secure online portal. The app is commonly used for purchasing gifts. To begin, users must create a account with an email address and then link a credit card or bank account. I redesigned the flow that occurs when a user verifies his/her identity on a new device. As a UX Writer, I strove to be shorter, clearer, and more conversational. I conveyed a tone that is both friendly and transparent.

Old Flow

New Flow

Tone and Style Guide

Sign In Screen

  • “Cancel” in the original screen isn’t necessary
  • The user needs a method to create an account. I avoided the term “Sign up” to reduce the cognitive load for the user.
  • I added “Remember me” and “Forgot password” options
  • The header “Welcome back” is more conversational
  • The username and password require form fields. They are both not proper nouns

Verification Code

  • To reduce the copy and flow, I combined the screens
  • The user shouldn’t need to request a code and wouldn’t already have one
  • I added “Sorry” to develop more empathy for the user
  • Based on the tone and style guide, I wrote “We need to make sure that everything looks okay.”
  • Large buttons for the communication methods promote action

Enter Code

  • I used the same “Verification” header as the previous screen
  • I added the word “Please” to be friendly
  • The user plugs in the numbers into the circles to create a more intuitive action
  • Resend code is below where the user types as an option
  • The password contains a form field that mirrors the first screen

Complete Purchase

  • The last screen should be delightful and therefore I wrote “Thanks” in the header
  • For the payment and shipping methods, the user should be able to see both saved methods and add a new one
  • The explanation about clicking “Next” to continue was confusing. I simply added “Place order” for a stronger action
  • In terms of information hierarchy, the personalized gift message is not as important as the payment