Microsoft Live Share Guide: UX Case Study

Background: In Spring 2020, a team of researchers at New York University partnered with Microsoft to improve the Live Share feature in Visual Studio Code. Microsoft Live Share helps users to quickly collaborate on the same codebase without the need to synchronize code or to configure the same development tool, settings, or environment. When users […]

Wizdom: UX Case Study

Problem Statement People like the elderly have difficulty with staying connected during the pandemic. This can be resolved with a mobile application that establishes a buddy system. The service matches users who answer daily prompts and stay connected through the use of asynchronous voice messages. Inspiration During the pandemic, my grandmother passed away. As the […]

Accessible Xbox Controller Guide

Project Scope: In Spring 2020, a team of researchers at New York University partnered with a client in the accessible gaming community to develop an Xbox video game controller. Together, we developed the Adaptive Force controller by designing a layout, creating the enclosure, and producing a website that shares our findings for the greater accessibility […]

Pokémon GO: Accessibility UX Case Study

Problem Statement People like visually impaired users have difficulty with basic Pokémon GO functionality, such as utilizing the visual map, capturing Pokémon, and reading information. This can be resolved by adding text-to-speech functionality, lists of locations with distances, greater audio cues, and a voice command system. We know we’re right when the American Foundation for […]

AR Shakespeare Playbills Usability Test

Background: In undergrad, I was a Dean’s Scholar in Shakespeare. In the program, I enrolled in several courses related to Shakespeare and analyzed the works of the playwright in a global and multimedia context. I watched performances in Washington, DC, London, and Stratford-upon-Avon. When I attend a show, I have the greatest experience when I […]

President Portraits Quiz Application

Gain points by clicking the correct portrait and level up! I developed an education mobile application that contains period sections, an extensive list, and a special augmented reality gallery to learn more. I was inspired by my background in political science. The tone of the application is both enthusiastic and playful. Tools: SwiftUI, Reality Composer […]

Swirling Fluids Educational Website

Brief: “Swirling Fluids” is an educational exhibit that explains the mechanics of fluid dynamics that are invisible to the naked eye. The project is based on the research of Leif Ristroph who is a Professor of Mathematics in the NYU Courant Institue. Please visit here. Exhibit: p5.js 2020 Showcase Team members: Nick Grant, Zach Kobrinsky, […]

Ideamix Entrepreneur Program Form

Problem: The Ideamix is a startup company that helps aspiring entrepreneurs flesh out their ideas with workshops. We sought to target students by developing a network for them to connect with each other. Insight: Nearly one in three millennials (30 percent) said they have some type of small business or side hustle, with 19 percent […]

Festi Data Privacy Pop-Up Notification

Problem: Festi is a social reservation system application in which users can create group reservations and split the costs together. I cultivated greater trust between users and Festi by researching data privacy policies for social media applications. Insight: A study from KMPG found that nearly all U.S. consumers (97%) report that data privacy is a […]