For my midterm, I want to create a virtual production about a virtual production. First, the main actor will be walking on a tightrope between two buildings in New York City. I am inspired by Philippe Petit, an artist who walked between skyscrapers. As the actor walks, I will experiment with anxious POV shots. Then, a crow will fly by. The actor will become distracted and fall. Afterwards, the main character will return to the rope once again in an unnatural movement. The camera will zoom out and reveal that a person is simply creating a virtual production. Nobody was in danger.

For my character, I created a business man daredevil. I downloaded a miniature city and the office in which a person will be editing the Unreal project. I found the rope on Quixel. The miniature city will be behind the laptop. I strive to create an intense and comical story.

I also watched the Unreal Engine Portal tutorial. I’m excited to begin editing!

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