President Portraits Quiz

The Problem

Most American cannot name the nation’s founding fathers. According to a survey by the United States Mint, only 22 percent of Americans know that there have been 43 U.S. Presidents to date. Only 21 percent of Americans know that the faces of Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt are carved on Mount Rushmore.

The Goal

Create a mobile application in which users gain points by clicking the correct portrait and leveling up. The application is split into time period sections, an extensive list, and an augmented reality gallery to learn more.

Version One: Trivia Design

Users click one out of 46 political presidents. They are alerted as to whether or not their pick is correct. The game lasts ten rounds. Each round is completely random. When the game is finished, the user’s score is shown and they are asked to play again.

Version Two: Section Guide

I focused on separating the 46 presidents. The user may choose one of five time periods. The first four time periods contain about eleven presidents. A correct answer is 30 points. An incorrect answer is 15 points. The level increases every 300 points. Additionally, if the user clicks the grey button, a list of the presidents for review is presented. Each president contains an extensive biography.

Version Three: AR Gallery

For my next version, I considered the possibilities and limitations of augmented reality. While the scrolling list of presidents is helpful, I decided to develop a project in which the portraits appear in the user’s room. I first tested out two layers with 16 presidents. In the next iteration, I spaced them out more. For the interaction, the user taps on a portrait and have an audio narration of their brief synopsis begin.

User Testing

I performed physical usability testing with three players. After testing, I would ask what they liked and disliked about the application and game structure. I found the following key insights:

  • Create a separate information page
  • Shorten president descriptions
  • Font should be larger
  • Replace time period dates with Early, Middle, and Late
  • Correct and wrong sound effects in the game section

App Store Description

Do you know the names of all 44 presidents? American history is fascinating to learn, especially in the President Portraits Quiz! Test your knowledge of the American presidents by selecting one of three portraits. Every correct answer is 30 points. Each wrong answer is a loss of 15 points. If you gain more than 300 points, you level up. How many levels can you reach?

If you would like to study the presidents in depth, such as their background histories, check out the extensive list! Each president has a large bio that is exciting to read on your device. Do you enjoy listening in order to learn more than reading? In the special augmented reality gallery, you are surrounded by all of the presidents! When you click on the portraits, they perform fun behaviors. A short audio description is also played on your phone. Analyzing the art styles and the evolution of the portraits is a very unique experience.

Do you have difficulty with one time period in particular? The 44 presidents are split between early, middle, and late time periods that will further your cognitive ability to identify each president. With the Presidents Portraits Quiz, you will master American presidential politics.

Demonstration Videos