For my final, I considered the possibilities and limitations of augmented reality. I decided that I would prefer not to create an AR game in which the user guesses the correct president. I believe that my midterm app contains an adequate game structure and mixing that component with AR will not add a great deal of value. Rather, I would like to replace the scrolling list of presidents with portraits that appear in the user’s room. In doing so, I will create an exhibit that is very similar to my inspiration from the National Portrait Gallery in Washington DC.

The scrolling list is very boring and not helpful for learning. I dislike how the user must scroll quickly to find the president that he/she is interested in, which results in less information retention. Rather, the user is surrounded by portraits. The value of the experience is being able to see all of the presidents at once and compare their accomplishments and failures. Additionally, the user will be able to analyze the evolution of the art styles from their time periods.

One of my favorite aspects of Reality Composer is the grid system. I implemented three circular layers. I believe that most people are not familiar with the older presidents. Therefore the user will be surrounded by the earliest presidents first.

I first tested out two layers with 16 presidents. In the next iteration, I spaced them out more. I am surprised by how fascinating comparing the portraits is. For the interaction, I plan to have the user tap on a portrait and have an audio narration of their brief synopsis begin. I believe that spatial audio is a really fascinating tool for learning. Additionally, the image will flip when clicked and jiggle when the user is near the portrait.

In the next version, I created a prototype of my gallery on Illustrator in order to keep track of the chronological order of the presidents. Then, I created my three layers in Reality Composer. All of the portraits are evenly spread out.

I really like my augmented reality experience. My component emphasizes the earliest presidents first. I found the portraits to be at a good distance from the viewer. I created an alert to inform the user of his/her directions. In the next step, I will add audio to each portrait when clicked. The audio will be very brief, playful, and insightful. Additionally, I need to assign different behaviors for the portraits. I envisioned each portrait to have a behavior associated with their political party. Perhaps impeached presidents spin. The animations are a lot of fun.

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