I added new assets from Quixel, such as an electronic box, empty tank, flowers, and burnt trees. I like the contrast between technology and nature. The space for my map, however, is a little bit limited. I thought about creating a new map altogether for my robot baptism. I also experimented with material.

I enjoyed learning about scenography in our previous lecture and corporating the material in the placement of my cameras. My atmosphere is mysterious. This shot in particular contains a lot of depth. As a result of the fog, the objects in the distance are less distinct.

I removed the pillars of land in the lake. I want the location of the baptism to be circular. In contrast, the church other religious imagery will be jagged and unsettling. Lastly, the lake will be horizontal while the surrounding religious imagery will be vertical. In doing so, the robots will belong to a powerful organization.

For my sequencer, I followed the rule of thirds. For example, the eye level of the robot is in the top third of the sequence. I want the viewer to contemplate the mindset of the robot. Furthermore, I want the viewer to question what the robot is praying about, which is amplified by the movement of the camera that reveals more information.