Swirling Fluids Exhibit

“Swirling Fluids” is an educational exhibit that explains the mechanics
of fluid dynamics that are invisible to the naked eye. The project is
based on the research of Leif Ristroph who is a Professor of Mathematics
in the NYU Courant Institue. Please visit here.

As a content strategist, I wrote all the copy on the website and ensured that the lasting impression is delightful.

Exhibit: p5.js 2020 Showcase

Team members: Nick Grant, Zach Kobrinsky, Name Atcahree, Monni Qian, Sid Chou

The Content

My team met with Leif Ristroph to discuss fluid dynamics. I recorded and transcribed the information with the subject matter expert. Then, I distilled the complex scientific information into a simple guide that is easy to understand. Throughout the process, I developed multiple drafts.

My team members designed the visuals and interactive games for the website based on my copy. In terms of tone, I developed an experience that is comical. The target audience consist of students and adults who are new to physics. While fluid dynamics is challenging, the material is conversational and fun to read. Each heading contains a question with a capitalized word to draw in the attention of the user.

Screens from the website