Wizdom Problem Statement People like the elderly have difficulty with staying connected during the pandemic. This can be resolved with a mobile application that establishes a buddy system. The service matches users who answer daily prompts and stay connected through the use of asynchronous voice messages. Inspiration During the pandemic, my grandmother passed away. As […]

Adaptive Force Game Controller

Adaptive Force Game Controller In Spring 2020, a team of researchers at New York University partnered with a client in the accessible gaming community to develop an Xbox video game controller. The team consisted of Nick Grant, Zane Sicadsicad, Saki Asakawa, and Jose Hernandez. In my role, I served as the lead designer and fabricator. […]

Accessibility Case Study: Pokémon GO

Accessibility Case Study: Pokémon GO Problem Statement People like visually impaired users have difficulty with basic Pokémon GO functionality, such as utilizing the visual map, capturing Pokémon, and reading information. This can be resolved by adding text-to-speech functionality, lists of locations with distances, greater audio cues, and a voice command system. We know we’re right […]

Microsoft Visual Studio Code: Live Share

In Spring 2020, New York University partnered with Microsoft to improve the Live Share feature in Visual Studio Code for new programmers. These are some of the questions that we were asked: How can coding be more accessible for students? What would a “VS Code” for education look like? Microsoft Visual Studio Code Visual Studio […]