I created a robot actor for my robot baptism scene. I experienced some difficulty creating a robot character in MakeHuman. I searched for keywords in the community, such as metal, robot, technology, and steel without much luck. I did, however, find the ability to turn my target into a robot shape. I really liked the output, which is a unique shape.

I experimented with different skins, such as stone, blue, and grey. Additionally, I added clothing but some of the pieces would cut into the actor. Ultimately, I decided to create a minimalist robot. I’m not sure why a robot would wear clothing. In the future, perhaps I should add an expressive human that stumbles on the robot baptism.

In Mixamo I wanted to create a praying animation, but the hands would not come together. Instead, I decided to go with a dancing robot animation.

After importing my MakeHuman character into Unreal, I created a metal appearance. The robot dance worked well in my scene.

In the next part of my project, I tried out RADiCAL. I really liked the simplistic user interface. I exported the FBX and added that to my character in Blender. I followed the directions, such as starting off with a T-pose, but for some reason my animation did not apply well to my skeleton when exporting from Blender to Unity.

I tried to solve the issue, such as changing the scale and reimporting my mesh. I decided to place my glitch art in the water, which appeared kind of cool.

When I imported my FBX file with the mesh, my animation from RADiCAL worked. I enjoyed creating my own animations and learning more about different import settings.

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