I am excited to experiment with p5.js! I am not familiar with computation, but I seek to apply the skills that I will acquire to my political projects. In undergrad, I majored in political science with a focus on conflict transformation. I seek to develop interactive technology that may serve as a unique platform for dialogue. The “Subway Deserts” project that visualizes areas that are not served well by subways is a fascinating tool. I am interested in visualization projects due to their ability to convey messages pragmatically. The Welikia Project that compares the historical ecology of New York City to the modern era is very interesting. I enjoy projects that offer rare perspectives and have the ability to increase social activism.

I found p5.js to be very intuitive and fun to use. By increasing and decreasing the values for the x and y coordinates, I began to understand the directions of my objects. I recognized that setup() is called once while draw() is executed continuously in the system. I organized my code effectively in order to understand how the colors affected the objects and the ways that certain objects overlap with others in the order of operations. I initially struggled with curve() due to the incorporation of control points, but with enough experimentation I learned how to move the smile for my cat effectively. quad() appears to be effective when constructing abstract shapes. fill() is my biggest struggle because I am not very familiar with mixing primary colors. colorMode() is intriguing, but I prefer the simplicity of the RGB color model. I question what types of projects colorMode() should be utilized for.

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