For this week, I decided to fabricate an object for my project. For my thesis, I am exploring face masks and emotional communication. My thesis is inspired by me previous experiences in theatre. To begin, I started a 100 days of face masks challenge:

Each day I created a new face mask in order to think about them more abstractly. For day 96, I combined three masks based on a lucky number generator: I swore that I would choose the first numbers that appeared no matter what. I received days 29, 4, and 3.

In doing so, I created a face mask with a bandana and toilet paper. I found the output to be nonsensical.

I enjoyed leaving my face mask up to chance. This post is not the type of content that I would be able to think of myself. I was able to explore more absurd territory. For me, cursed content are images that make you question their existence. I read “Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom – Readings: Introduction” to learn more about the connection between randomness and divination. According to the reading, my randomness transcends the normal logic-bound language of conscious humanity. This is a theme that I am constantly exploring in my thesis. Additionally, I liked “A Rude and Undigested Mass” by Casey Reas. Randomness allows artists to eliminate personal bias in their work.

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