I redesigned an airline ticket by Delta.

Existing Design
New Design

To redesign the ticket, I first grouped the information together. For example, the departure and boarding time are on the same line. Additionally, the origin and destination are on the same line. I aligned the type boxes on a grid format. I organized the information well by separating the ticket into a left, right, and middle. I created a box around the departure and boarding times because often times passengers miss their flights. On the right-hand size, I listed all of the information again. As we discussed in class, repetition is important. I employed the Roboto font and skipped a weight from light to bold in order to emphasize key aspects of the ticket. The font is size 12. The line breaks in my ticket are neither too long nor short.

For the second part of the assignment, I created three expressive words in Adobe Illustrator. An expressive word is one that manipulates the word’s letterforms to communicate the meaning of the word. For each word, I experimented with colors, font sizes, styles, and objects.