For this week in visual language, I created six square compositions from five colors that represent me. I chose the colors from my laptop wallpaper, which is an album cover from one of my favorite jazz artists Nujabes. Additionally, one of my favorite shirts has a similar color pattern. I used Photoshop to extract the colors.

My five colors
My shirt

The colors that I chose consisted of dark blue, slightly dark red, dark green, dark orange, and pale yellow. Green is my favorite color due to the connection to nature. Red, orange, and yellow are warm colors while blue and green are cool colors. The pair red and green and the pair blue and orange are complimentary colors, which establishes vibrant tones in my compositions.

I created my compositions in Illustrator. For each composition, I experimented with utilizing different shapes, effects, and patterns. Throughout the assignment, I learned how colors may convey positive or negative emotions depending on their placement. Furthermore, when geometric shapes are filled with colors that either blend well together or contrast greatly, they construct unique effects on the viewer. As a result, some of my compositions are more chaotic than others. For inspiration, I researched patterns on Behance.