I updated my video playback system a great deal this week. I experimented with a lot of different forms and fleshed out a concept for my first performance.

I first began by experimenting with jit.rota. Jit.rota allows me to scale and rotate my window. I am able to change the zoom, angle, offset, and anchor points. Since I am working with only one window in my live performance, this object may be very helpful.

I enjoyed experimenting with theta, but sometimes I would change the value too greatly and felt disoriented. Additionally, I added effects for my brightness, saturation, contrast, and speed. Changing the saturation and brightness created surprisingly powerful effects in my video clips.

At one point I thought about incorporating my live webcam in my video. While I am interested in jit.grab, I do not believe that incorporating a live feed of myself would add value to my performance. I would like my audience members to focus their attention entirely on my clips.

I experimented with random plane mapping and color ghost planes. While the effects were aesthetically pleasing, they did not add great value to my videos. For my first performance, I downloaded 148 clips from my Snapchat archive. They are very intimate moments that I will present in front of everyone. My meeting with Matt Romein provided a lot of clarity for me. I will randomly play a video and provide context to the clip in text editor. In doing so, I believe the tone will be both comical and insightful.

I learned how to hook up the audio from my clips to the dials that alter the pixels of the x and y coordinate in my video. When the volume is above 0.3, the video glitches. The effect is very strange and unique. I enjoy the volume being connected to a glitch effect because my goal is to showcase how finicky and fragile memories are in the digital age. I believe that one on of meters will be fixed while the other will be controllable.

Now that I understand the concept for my final performance, I’m questioning the effects that I truly need. Will I alter the theta of my window? Should I change the contrast or saturation? I’m not sure where the text editor will be placed, whether the the text will have an automated narrative, and whether or not I should explain the clips while live. I will figure out these decisions before my performance.

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