I designed a poster for the 2019 ITP Winter Show. I immediately knew what kind of story I wanted to tell about the program. My favorite part of ITP is the range of the backgrounds of the students. I am always amazed when I ask students about their paths that led them here. I studied political science and English in undergrad. I’ve met students who share similar academic interests as my own, but I am also growing as a result of the various perspectives by the incredibly diverse student population.

When designing my poster, I sought to represent these various backgrounds. I brainstormed some ideas, such as creating a melting pot or a blender. After some time, I realized that a mouth biting down on a microcontroller surrounded by icononography would be a unique concept. Incorporating anatomy in artwork can be very powerful. I aspired to convey the message that although students enter ITP with different experiences and identities, we all share a common interest in utilizing technology as a platform for storytelling.

My first draft. I need to improve my drawing!

I created my poster in Illustrator. The icons are from illustrio. The mouth and the microcontroller are from coloripop and Template from the Noun Project respectively.

My grid system

I followed a very simple grid system. There are eight squares on the top and bottom. Each side consists of eleven squares. I aligned the mouth and microcontroller in the center of my poster. The name of the event is in the upper third of the poster. The information for the event is placed in the bottom third.

My first draft

The backgrounds of the students include health, fashion, politics, international affairs, chemistry, theatre, film, architecture, writing, photography, psychology, painting, computer science, math, environmental science, music, and culinary art. I chose purple icons to emphasize the color of NYU. The background of the poster is pastel orange, which I found to blend well with red and purple. The microcontroller is an interesting green color that draws the viewer in. The font is “Source Code Variable,” which appears both modern and inviting.

My initial pastel colors
Almost completed

I showed my poster to ITP students who liked the concept but disliked the organization of the information. The repeating “ITP NYU” created a cluttered tone in my poster. Additionally, I did not have the social media or location of the event. “WINTER SHOW 2019” became semibold while the rest of the words are regular. Furthermore, I kerned the characters and colored my fonts black. I added a description of the event in the upper third of my poster. The background of the poster is a mechanical wheel that repeats through the use of a pattern. Instead of pastel yellow, the wheels are a slightly darker shade of orange. The information on the top and bottom aligned more. The font sizes range from 20 points to 5, which created a hierarchy in my poster. My favorite part of the poster is the square in the center of the microcontroller, which parallels the shape of the icons in the borders.

Final product

I showed my poster to my friend who is a user experience designer before coming to ITP. She taught me how information does not need to be completely symmetrical. Information may be composed into groups that are read in a certain order. I moved the “TWO DAY EXHIBIT…” line closer to the “WINTER SHOW 2019” because that information is meant to be read together. Additionally, I moved the dates of the event together and created a bolder line font for them.