My logo

For my fifth week in Visual Language, I created a logo for my name. I first began with writing down the attributes that I would describe myself with.

My attributes

I noticed that on one hand I am very organized and minimalist, but on the other hand I enjoy stepping outside of my comfort zone. I sought to create a logo that is very simple, but also embodies a level of chaotic humor.

Different versions of my name

I began sketching different versions of my name. I attempted to write my name in bold block letters, but I enjoyed thinner letters for my font. I became interested in the idea of combining my name with swirls, which I used to doodle often in school in my notebooks. I decided to spell out my name completely because “Nick Grant” is very short.

Questioning the swirls

I liked the idea of having the first letters of my name appear in a lowercase format. I found the lowercase g to be full of possibilities. I questioned where my swirls should be located.

I picked the font Squada One because the letters matched my minimalist goal. I found the design process to be challenging due to the number of options, but also a lot of fun!

First Version

I first began with writing my name and playing with certain letters. While the “g” is interesting in this version, I noticed that the swirl is too chaotic looking. Additionally, I disliked the pen that replaced the letter “i.” While I enjoy writing, I would not market myself in that manner.

Second Version

I created a new logo that appeared very similar to the one I chose. I created a smoother swirl for my “g.” Additionally, the swirl on top of my “i” adds a nice level of playfulness. I disliked, however, the different color for the letter “g.”

Third Version

This is a very strong version for my logo. While I enjoy having the two words stack on top of each other, the ellipse that I created on the bottom of my “g” did not match the circles in “g” and “a.” Additionally, we learned about how the best logos are the least complicated. I created a simpler version.

Version without the swirl and a yellow background

I completely removed the swirl for the letter “g.” The ellipse in the “g” is created with a rotated “O” in my Squada One font. Although I created a version of my name without the swirl in the letter “i,” I found my logo to be too boring. The one swirl provides a distinctive creative component. I changed my color to a stronger blue. I added a yellow mesh background, which I later removed.

My logo in action

I chose the last version. My logo is sleek and simplistic, but the swirl in my letter “i” offers a nice touch of chaotic energy and a bright contrast in color. The letters for Nick are kerned perfectly to match the length of Grant.