For this week in Introduction to Fabrication, I created a hat with my logo. I desired to create something colorful and comical.


I first began by gathering my material. I ordered gold bullet cone spike and stud metal screws, a plain blue polyester hat, 2.0mm black brown leather, and a 2-Ounce Fabric Fusion Permanent Fabric Adhesive.

Measuring my hat
Cardboard test

I measured my hat in order to identify the size of my leather that I laser cut. I first tested on cardboard.

My first attempt
Tape test

For the laster cutter, I engraved twice with 30s, 65p, and 500f. I noticed that the leather did not smell as bad as I expected. The sides of the leather, however, were really really dirty. I constantly needed to wash my hands with soap.

Not the best logo

I found my first design to be very poor. A lot of small bits broke off. In my next design, I used all capital letters and removed the @ sign.

Updated logo
Ineffective glue

While I liked my next design, I faced an obstacle with my glue. The fabric adhesive did not work at all. Ideally, I desired to hold my logo in place while I used the drill. To hide the edges of the glue marks, I printed a new logo with a slightly higher width and length.

Drilling the holes
Gold spikes

To drill my holes, I used a very small drill bit and held the hat down. Since the hat is curved, I struggled a little with creating holes that aligned well. For example, I changed the distance of the holes slightly to the right after my first attempt. I added gold spikes to the six holes on top of the hat.

Cutting the sides
Wiping the dirt

I checked out the soft lab to improve my hat. I cut the edges slightly to remove small pieces of leather that hung and I wiped the leather with Fiebing’s Milk Oil liquid in order to remove the burnt dirt.

Leather stars

In my final touches, I added six leather stars to the sides of my hat and I added a special pink reflective fabric underneath the leather by creating more holes with the drill. I cleaned the stars with the liquid.

The back
Front view

Overall I really like my hat! I’m happy I experimented with leather and ordered extra material. I like my color scheme. I found the soft lab at ITP to be very helpful in the creation of my project.

2 Responses

  1. Nice work. I’m glad you experimented with new materials (and that you bought extra). Do you think it would have gone better if you didn’t use the fabric adhesive at all?

    I’m glad you had help in the soft lab, there are a lot of interesting tools and techniques to be found there.

    Where was everything ordered from?

    1. Hello Ben,

      Thank you for your feedback.
      I wish I didn’t use the fabric adhesive.
      I ordered everything from Amazon.

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